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...Making the crucial work of CJA attorneys less burdensome

William Brown , CJA Panel Attorney

For a small firm doing CJA work, this is invaluable. It seamlessly integrates with our practice management software and eliminates the headache, frustration, and tedium of CJA billing. The design and interface are elegantly simple and highly functional, and the per-voucher fee is well worth the time and money saved—and earned. After using evolve Voucher, doing it the old way would be like going back to dial-up internet access.


Evolve Voucher is easy to start using and has saved me dozens of hours

Russ Bretan , Owner, Court Discovery Management

It’s so easy…

Evolve Voucher is easy to start using and has saved me dozens of hours. Entering data, from all of my employees, into eVouchers was frustrating and time-consuming. I would put it off until I absolutely had to bill, finding the time in evenings and weekends.

Using Evolve has changed all of that. Even a lengthy bill is uploaded in a matter of minutes, and it all happens in the background without any effort. Now that I can bill more often, my company has a more reliable stream of income allowing me to better manage my financials.

Easy, Efficient, Effortless

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