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The fastest way to enter your billing slips into CJA eVoucher!

Designed & Tested by CJA Attorneys

evolveVoucher is available on Windows and Mac

Safely and securely upload your data directly in a fraction of the time.

You continue to use your software programs and codes, that you’ve already set up in your office.

Then it seamlessly integrates with evolveVoucher. evolveVoucher will upload your data into the Criminal Justice Act electronic billing system in minutes, saving you time & frustration.


The application is easy to download & install. Be up and running in minutes. It walks you through, step by step.


Your slips go directly into CJA's eVoucher. We never touch them. You upload directly from your computer to eVoucher using a local application.


Upload your billing slips to evoucher in minutes instead of hours. The application remembers your activity/slip codes for future use.

Designed by a cJA Attorney

This application was built out of the frustration we all share over evoucher: slow, buggy, and time consuming.


Error-free & frustration-free CJA Billing

Lisa Ludwig , CJA Attorney - Oregon

After years of using the same billing protocols my assistant and I were hesitant to change our methods. However, being afraid of change should never stop you from learning new skills and trying new technology. After adding our activity codes in Clio consistently, when we uploaded the data, we realized how much time would be saved. The setup that seemed daunting at first (matching activity codes like a decoder ring) took only a couple of minutes on the first bill, and on the second bill it remembered those matches and my bill was entered into the system in minutes, error-free, and more importantly, frustration-free. We will never look back at our old methods.


evolveVoucher has transformed my life and my sanity

Edie Rogoway , Criminal Defense Attorney - CJA

As a solo practitioner CJA panel attorney, evolveVoucher has transformed my life and my sanity. As someone on the older side of the technology spectrum, it took me a couple of vouchers to get the hang of things. But once I did, it was effortless.

We all know how antiquated eVoucher is and how much time we consume with billing - the one task we're not compensated for. The additional hours I'm able to devote to compensated work because of the evolveVoucher program is unquantifiable.

evolveVoucher is user friendly and well worth the money. Think about it this way: even if it only takes you an hour to do one CJA20 voucher, that's an hour you could be working an billing $152 while spending only $20.00

How it works

Billing Process

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To bill, simply import your data into evolveVoucher. It will map all of your slips to the evoucher CJA codes and give you a summary.​

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evolveVoucher will ask you to log in to CJA evoucher and you enter your credentials directly into the Government eVoucher site. You never share your credentials with us.

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Press “Click here to Start Automated Slip Entry,” evolve will automatically enter time and expense slips, and set the service dates.

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You remain in control. You review eVoucher itself, do a final review, double check, and submit the bill.

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